Meet Jon

He's wearing a full cap lace hair system.

behind the scenes JRob

About Jon ("JRob")

You could say Jon (a.k.a. JRob from our forums) has a split-personality.


On one hand, he’s the hard-charging CEO of RemySoft Solutions (makers of the hair-saving BlueMax 3-Step System). And on the other, he’s the full cap hairpiece advocate/warrior talking hair-wearers off ledges with insights, tutorials, and tips on his popular hair replacement blog,


A little confession: As a trusted voice in the hair replacement community, JRob was a little apprehensive about taking these photos. He didn't want the appearance of an endorsement. So we just told him, “We’ll make you some hair. If you like it and let us take a few shots, great. If not, no big deal.”

When he stopped by to offer us some lessons on hair system protection, it was the perfect opportunity to twist his arm (slightly) and get him to strike a few poses. If only just to show that full cap hair systems for men can look great with the right measurements and realistic expectations. Thanks, JRob!

Watch JRob's short behind-the-scenes video from his visit!

Talkin' HairJive with JRob

JRob was bald and didn't like it. After struggling with "topper" units, he shaved his head while looking for a hair loss solution that would give him the look he craved. Eventually he discovered that full cap hair systems were his answer. With his hair loss problem solved, he set out to spread the word to other hair-wearers about the pleasures and pitfalls of full cap systems. And—a totally free, funny, and informative blog about JRob’s adventures in full cap hair replacement—was born. Check it out now!

JRob's Hair System

Base Design
Total High Definition (Hollywood Lace), Full Cap
70% medium light (front, top/crown and sides), 80% medium light in the back
Hair Type
100% Human (Indian)
Light Movement (F) in front; Between Light Movement (F) and Slight Movement (G) in the top/crown; Slight Movement (G) in the sides and back
Bleached, single strand knots