Meet Susan

She's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Susan

Better known as the crusading "HD-Susan" (formerly "CurlySue") on our forums, Susan's a real pistol behind thousands of posts, every one of them filled with on-target hair-wearing advice. Today, she's a battle-tested, female hair replacement ace. But her personal victory over hair loss didn't come easy.

A pre-teen victim of androgenic alopecia which advanced rapidly in her early 20s, desperation led her to hair restoration surgery. The procedure was a partial success: She kept her real hairline, a little hair sprouted and she wasn't butchered. But she never got the full, natural head of hair of her dreams. Turns out she wasn’t an ideal candidate for surgical hair replacement in the first place. Something her doctors didn't tell her until after she spent thousands of dollars on the treatment.

Flat-broke and suffering with several lousy integration hairpieces from retail salons, she eventually discovered the affordable joys of ordering her hair direct and learned how to kick hair loss and conquer hair replacement for good. And we got a good buddy who never shies away from giving us a swift kick in the pants when we need it.

A Real Team Player

As a women's hair replacement consultant and teacher in her own company, Susan created a one-of-a-kind training system to help women transition emotionally and logistically into bonded hair replacement the smart way. In 2012 Susan brought that training system for women to Hair Direct and joined our team. Once our fearless forum leader from the customer side, Susan now manages our Community from the inside and helps us beef up our resources as the authority on women's hair replacement.

Susan's Hair System

Base Design
HD32 (custom full lace hair system)
Hair Type
Bleached, single knots
Front/Top/Crown: 120% medium; Sides/Back: 110% medium light
Curly Unit: 1" spiral curl (custom); Straight Unit: Straight "H"
Standing Order
4A (4 systems per year)