Meet Andy

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

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About Andy

Andy started losing his hair when he was only 17. Like any teenager would, he threw on a hat. For the next decade!

Eventually, Andy grew tired of coordinating his wardrobe with his hat collection, and he ordered our old custom fitting kit. “It seems too good to be true,” he thought. “I’m not even going to waste my time.” He decided to shave his head and be done with it.

Another 10 years passed before Andy reconsidered hair replacement. What drew him back to Hair Direct? The resources and the community he found on our website.

“The forum was great because you could talk to other people and get their experiences.” Andy’s Hair Tech, Kerri, talked him through our new Men's Custom Fitting Kit and helped him order totally custom hair.

Andy was a little freaked out in the beginning, until he got more practice. Kerri and the HD community helped him learn how to take care of his hair at home.

Now he’s as laid-back as they come. ”It’s not permanent. I go with or without hair,” Andy told us. “But there are times when I want that confidence, you know?”

More About Andy's Hair Replacement

Andy keeps his hairline and density age-appropriate for a realistic look. He wears a lace system because he doesn’t want to feel, or even know it’s up there.

For a modern style, he trims his growing hair short on the sides and carefully blends in his top-of-head system. It’s a shorter look than most hair-wearers can get away with. “If I was going to go for it, I was going to go all the way!” he says.

Andy's Hair System

Base Design
HD24 (Full Hollywood (Swiss) Lace Hair System)
Hair Type
Brushed Forward
Bleached/Single Knots
Light 50%