Meet Zack

He's wearing a full cap lace front hair system.

About Zack

Zack's a young, up–and–coming actor “slash” model, so a great appearance isn't just important. It's part of the job description. Proud of his long, natural hair, he never thought he’d need a hair replacement company—until a freak accident changed everything.

A routine salon color treatment went haywire, turning his movie idol mane into has-been hair. With his follicles damaged and his hair refusing to grow, Zack scoured the Web for a medical miracle. Eventually he stumbled upon us. Amazed by our stockpile of hair loss information, it wasn’t until he got deeper into our site that he realized our hair comes in a box…not from a surgeon’s knife. :)

But Zack kept researching his hair replacement options. And it was only after joining our online Community and diving into our vast hair-wearer resources did he finally cast us in a starring role—as the hair on his head.

More About Zack's Hair Replacement

Many people are surprised to learn that such a young guy is wearing a full cap hair system. He's always worn his hair long, so he decided that "going full cap" made the most sense for his lifestyle and the consistency in appearance he's looking for.

Zack has his maintenance routine down to a science, getting a good 4-5 months out of his systems. He chose our 2A Standing Order Discounts to get fresh hair every 6 months.

Zack's Hair System

Base Design
HD21 (Full cap: HW lace front, conventional top)
Hair Type
100% human (Indian)
Between G (Slight Movement) and F (Light Movement)
Bleached knots, High Definition Hairline,
100% throughout