Meet Tim

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Tim

Tim is still a relatively new hair wearer. He's only been wearing hair for about two years but he's been buying from us the whole time.

Since he had never worn a hair system, Tim ordered our Custom Fitting Kit to get started. After watching the included DVD and using the step-by-step order form he was able to gather all the details needed to ensure his new unit would fit like a glove.


More About Tim's Hair Replacement

The style of Tim's unit is common among men and women who wear hair. His system is medium light to light in density and vented freestyle. This gives him the flexibility to style or part it anyway he prefers.

Because he's so young (let's just say under 35), Tim decided to go with less recession in his hairline. Ordering a scalloped front with bleached knots provided the last crucial part to achieving an undetectable appearance.

Tim's Hair System

Base Design
Total High Definition
Light Wave
Medium Light