Meet Mike

He's wearing a full cap lace hair system.

About Mike

Ok, here's the thing: Mike has long since given up wearing hair. But a longtime (and valid) criticism of our Before & After page is that we don't have enough people of color in the mix. So Mike gamely volunteered his head to Bill's Lab as a demo model.

Like most textbook Hair Club victims, he forked over a boatload of money for his hair and got a thimble of support in return. Ultimately frustrated, he gave up wearing hair in the mid-90s. But he does admit if we were around when he was wearing hair . . . he might still be wearing hair! 

Want a closer look? Watch Mike model his full cap in this video. Show off!

More About Mike's "Hair Replacement"

Mike's side hair wasn't viable for a topper unit, so Bill measured him up for a full cap hair system, making him the first full cap-wearing African-American male on our site!

Editor's Note: We'd love to feature more people of color on our site. So if you wear our hair and think you're ready for a closeup, contact us anytime! And by the way, anyone is welcome to pose for photos, no matter what color you are. :-)

Mike's Hair System

Base Design
Full Cap (Disposable)
40% - Extra light throughout
Bleached, single knots
"B" medium afro