Meet Ken

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Ken

Ken is a jet-setting flight attendant with an active lifestyle, so the last thing he wants to do is worry about his hair.

Before HD, he was a long-time (and largely unsatisfied) hair-wearer. Eventually, he found himself under a hair transplant surgeon's knife—and the end result didn't exactly live up to his expectations. Happily, after several years of circling the runway for the right hair loss solution, he finally landed on our doorstep.

Ken loves his hair because he loves freedom: Freedom from monthly maintenance appointments, contracts and over-promising, under-delivering retail hair salesmen. He's thrilled that when it comes to his hair, his satisfaction is never up in the air.

More About Ken's Hair Replacement

Sometimes even Ken can’t believe how natural and undetectable his hair looks. A big reason for that? His density and hairline placement are both age-appropriate. He's not a kid, so he knows his hair system shouldn't look like it belongs on one. ;)

Ken's Hair System

Base Design
Disposable Hair System
50% light throughout
Hair Type
90% human, 10% synthetic gray
“E” light wave in the front and top/crown; “F” light movement in the sides and back
Bleached, single knots