Meet Jonathan

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Jonathan

Jonathan has only recently begun to wear a hair system. He started out by ordering our Custom Fitting Kit and in no time was wearing a completely natural, undetectable custom hairpiece.

He wears his system for about one week at a time and is proud to say he only spends an hour per week on attachment, maintenance and cleaning. "It's a piece of cake, hands down!" in his own words.

You can talk to Jonathan on our message board. He'll be glad to answer your questions and offer advice.

More About Jonathan's Hair Replacement

Jonathan wears our disposable hair systems, which means that the hairpiece tape comes pre-attached. This saves him time so he can focus on keeping his hairstyle looking its best..

Jonathan's Hair System

Base Design
Total High Definition
Hair Type
Human (Indian)
Light wave in front/top