Meet Gary

He's wearing a conventional hair system.

About Gary

Gary has worn hair systems and hairpieces for over 30 years. In the past he's been with Hair Club for Men as well as many other local hair shops.

Wearing a custom-made hair system helps him to feel youthful, though he is comfortable even when he doesn't have it on. Gary gets his hair replacement and products from us because he likes our quick, friendly service and of course, low prices.

More About Gary's Hair Replacement

Gary will typically get between 12-14 months of wear with each unit. The sides and back of this system are attached with clips so he can easily take it off every night. The conventional base provides the durability he needs and requires very little maintenance.

Gary's Hair System

Base Design
Nylon Top w/ Poly Edge
Medium Wave & Tight Curl
Double Knots & Looping