Meet Donald

He's wearing a lace hair system.

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About Donald

Donald (or, “donaldt” as he's known in our forums) is one-of-a-kind: Part comedian. Part power plant. All heart. If you’ve read his posts, you know that Donald is an avid swimmer—and that his hair is a cornerstone of his identity. The problem was finding a hair system that would marry his desire to look good with his love of all things aquatic.

After years of unsuccessful attempts at a hair replacement solution (from topical hair fibers to Hair Club for Men), Donald decided to order his hair direct, immediately he jumped in and found the water to be just fine.


More About Donald's Hair Replacement

As a black man, Donald was wary of our ability to give him a natural looking, undetectable hair system. We don’t have much African-American male representation on our site, so he had every right to be skeptical.

But now look at that smile on his face. We're happy to say we proved him wrong!

Donald wears an HD24 Full Lace Base System with a High-Definition Hairline®. The hair type is 100% human with a Yaki Texture, so it looks and feels completely realistic.

Editor's Note: We would love to feature more African-American clients on our site, if you wear our hair and have interest in taking before/after photos, please contact us anytime.


Donald's Hair System

Base Design
HD24 Full Lace
w/ High Def Hairline
Base Color
Dark Brown
w/ Bleached Knots
Hair Type
Human (50/50)
Chinese & Indian
Extra Light
Part Left