Meet Deborah

She's wearing a full cap hair system.

About Deborah

For more than 40 years, Deborah has worn a variety of off-the-shelf hairpieces and wigs. Over time she began to realize the limitations that came with wearing these types of units. Her search to find something that would feel more like her own growing hair led her to Farrell.

She began to buy custom hair systems from Farrell and found their units to be much more comfortable and natural to wear than the wigs she wore previously.

She also found the prices to be more than she was comfortable paying, "Their pieces were wonderful, but the prices were exorbitant!"

More About Deborah's Hair Replacement

Because her hair loss is spread out around all areas of her head, Deborah wears a full cap system. She prefers New York lace material instead of a conventional top because it allows for a more natural front hairline.

Deborah does modify her hair system with a 1" poly edge around the sides and back which provide an added layer of durability where it matters most.

Deborah's Hair System

Base Design
All Reinforced New York Lace
Base Size
Full Cap
Hair Type
Human (Yaki Texture)