Meet Chaz

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Chaz

Chaz has worn hair for nearly 20 years and he's been a Hair Direct client for the last 5. He used to be a member of Hair Club for Men, but wanted more convenience.

Rather than taking those long drives to a stylist once a month for re-attachment and cleaning, he knew he could do it himself from home. In the process, Chaz saved himself a bundle of cash!

More About Chaz's Hair Replacement

Chaz keeps himself stocked with new hair on our 12A Standing Order. He's a busy executive and doesn't have time to constantly maintain his hair system so this plan is perfect for him.

Though he does wear a Total High Definition base, he likes to order it with a 1" skin perimeter just around the sides and back. This provides a level of added durability as well as a great place to apply tape.

Chaz's Hair System

Base Design
Total High Definition
Hair Type
75% human, 25% synthetic
Light Bend