Meet BriGuy

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Brian

Brian (or "briguy" as he’s known in our forums) is a professional dancer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, his hair holds up like a champ while sweating, performing, etc. But what Brian really digs about his system is freedom.

His job takes him all over the world. He doesn’t have time to search for hair clubs or salons wherever he goes. (Or cool his heels in waiting rooms.)

Even though he’s been our client for awhile now, he’s still floored at all the money he saves over retail hair replacement services. Buying direct lets Brian attach his hair on the fly without missing a beat.

Chalk up another former Hair Club for Men customer as a happy HD client. Thanks, Hair Club and keep‘em coming!

More About Brian's Hair Replacement

He went with a transitional density High Definition hairline because he wanted the most realistic as possible. In his words: "I didn’t want to look like I had a dead animal on my head."

Roadkill is pretty common where we are, but Brian chose our HD03 Full Scalp Lace System instead. It’s a bleached knot, human hair system. Super light, comfy and cool. It also includes a very thin skin perimeter in the back and sides for extra durability.

With his hair tech, he decided on 90% density in the front, 100% in the back and 90% on the sides.

Brian's Hair System

Base Design
HD03 Hollywood Lace w/ High Def Hairline and 1" Micro Skin Perimeter (sides and back)
Hair Type
Between "F" and "G" (light movement and slight movement)
Medium Light