Meet Bill

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

Meet Bill

About Bill

Bill Biesecker is our company president and he's been wearing hair for almost 40 years.

An idealist at heart, Bill believes that every man and woman wearing a hair replacement system has the right to know what's on their head.

Bill started Hair Direct years ago with a simple goal in mind; making custom hair systems affordable and available to everyone around the world.

He spends most of his time working on new technologies and materials to increase the level of appearance and durability of our hair systems.

Want to learn more about Bill? Read about his past experiences in hair replacement. Or, get a daily dose of his insights, wit and perspective by checking out his blog!

More About Bill's Hair Replacement

Bill gets regular comments about how natural his hair looks. He believes the reason is because his density and hairline placement are both "age appropriate" — many hair wearers forget to scale back their density and hairline recession as they get older.

Bill's Hair System

Base Design
Total High Definition
Extra Light
Bleached, single knots
Standing Order
12A (Disposable hair)