HD Skin®

made just for men


You can now experience the most undetectable and innovative hair replacement system
we've ever produced. The HD Skin is so thin and realistic that it's nearly
impossible to distinguish from your scalp when it's attached.

HD Skin Product Hair

Undetectable Hairline

Our HD Skin comes in two different thickness options, a 0.03 millimeter, one of the thinnest bases on the market, and a 0.06 millimeter, for heavier hair density. Whichever you choose, our unique v-loop ventilation and recoloring processes make it look like it's growing right out of your scalp. Add our high-definition hairline, graduated density, and unique color blending, and you're sure to get the most realistic and natural look possible.

And, as with any system from Hair Direct, it's cut and styled to your specifications making it ready to wear right out of the box!

Innovative Attachment

Attachment couldn't be easier with our patented delivery system. Your HD Skin system comes pre-glued and ready to attach. Simply open the box, remove your system, peel off the silicone mold, and attach.

HD Skin Product Hair
HD Skin Product Hair

Easy Cleaning and Reattachment

No mess, no hassle, just quick and easy application and maintenance with an average four-week hold time.

We've created a brand new product line just for thin skin systems that is designed to cut time, and make cleaning and reattachment simple and straightforward.

Save time and money with the convenience of the
HD Skin Mega Kit, which includes everything you need to properly care for your HD Skin. There are 20 items
in all!

Dedicated Video Series

You can easily walk step-by-step through the attachment, removal, care and maintenance process with the dedicated series of educational videos made specifically for the new HD Skin.

hd skin step by step


HD Skin systems give you the most realistic appearance possible in a system with a lifespan of about four weeks. 

Order a backup to have an extra on-hand, and sign up
for our 12A Standing Order Discount to receive the best cost savings.

Get it delivered every month

Save big when you get your HD Skin with our Standing Order Discount. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Call 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or
    1-717-553-6633 (international) to place your order
  2. Ask for the Standing Order Discount
    (we recommend 8A, 10A or 12A)
  3. Receive your HD Skin in the mail, as scheduled!

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