Take a really close-up look at our High Definition Hairline®

Almost looks like we did some Photoshopping, right? Well we didn't. Wearing a High Definition Hairline means you'll need a really nice mirror. Why? Because you're going to be spending plenty of time admiring how great you and your new natural hairline look up close!

These hair replacement systems are designed to replicate your front hairline the way nature intended. (The secret is in the first few hairs.) But really, they give you the most important thing of all: A completely natural, undetectable front hairline...to both sight and touch.

Bleached knots disappear right into your skin

bleached knot

The big news in knots these days are 'bleached' knots. As the name so effectively describes, these knots are put through a delicate bleaching process after being tied (ventilated) into the hair system base.

This takes out most of the dark color and leaves a virtually invisible knot that really appears to be growing right from your scalp!


Transitional density hairline, the way nature intended


The transitional density hairline replicates nature. Just like real growing hair, the first few millimeters of the High Definition Hairline are random and there is a subtle graduation into your normal density level.

The hair used in the front is also finer, like a real hairline. Each strand of hair is affixed to our special lace material in such a unique way that you cannot see where it is attached.

Finally, when pressed onto the scalp with our uniquely blended bonding adhesive, the lace completely disappears. The result is a natural, invisible front hairline - even up close!

Our High Definition Hair systems also feature:

  • Ultra fine, non-reflective monofilament lace
  • Tiny, half and single knot ventilation
  • Super soft human or synthetic hair
  • A transitional density hairline

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