HD03 Full Lace

Full Scalp Lace

HD03 / Hollywood (Swiss) Lace Front & Top w/ Thin Skin Perimeter

Base Rating

Comfort 5/5
Front Appearance 5/5
Top Appearance 5/5
Durability 1.0/5

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Estimated Lifespan (months)

2-3 Month Wear Time

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Base Description

If HD24 is the "Ferrari of hair systems," HD03 is its sports car bra-equipped cousin. Imagine the quality, undetectable front hairline and comfort of the HD24 with a little—and we do mean a little—extra durability as a bonus.

The HD03’s center and front are movie star-worthy with delicate Hollywood (Swiss) Lace and a High Definition Hairline®. The secret weapon? A razor-thin poly skin around the back & sides adds toughness & makes for easier cleaning. Think light to medium-light hair density. In other words, not this guy.

A sweet balance of appearance and durability (tipping toward appearance), you could call this a "best of both worlds" hair system.


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Base Features

HD03 Hair System Base Features and Materials


Chris After Photo Front

Chris wears a Full Scalp Lace

  • Human hair (Indian)
  • Bleached Knots
  • F-wave, light movement
  • 80 Density, medium-light
  • Uses clips to attach
Wayne After Photo Front

Wayne wears a Full Scalp Lace

  • Human hair (Indian)
  • 1" micro skin on sides and back
  • Vented brush back
  • Light/slight movement throughout
  • 100 density in the front sides
    and back; 90 density on the
    top (medium light)

Extreme close-ups of this base system with hair attached

Hollywood lace top & front
(90% density shown)

Hollywood Lace with Bleached Knots Hollywood Lace

Micro thin skin perimeter
(120% density shown)

Micro Skin Perimeter Micro Skin

Our hair systems are custom made to fit the shape & size of your balding pattern. Full caps are also available.


Can I customize this base?
You bet you can. In fact, that's a big part of what ordering your hair direct is all about! Want a side part or hair break? Done. Need to change the size of a poly perimeter? No problem. Your possibilities are nearly endless. Just contact us to discuss all your design options, including a custom fitting kit, which is probably the best way to get the hair system you really want.
Is this base available in Full Cap?
Yes it is. Even better? Just about every other base in our lineup can be ordered as a full cap unit as well.
What type of hair is available?
We use only the highest quality human (or synthetic if you prefer) hair on the market. The human hair we buy will always be soft and healthy. Our hair scout makes frequent trips to India, hand selecting each bundle of hair. The hair is then brought to our factory in Qingdao, China where it is processed. Although we do not recommend synthetic hair, we use only the finest available, which is manufactured in Japan.
How do I know if this base is right for me?
Boy, can this ever be a tough decision. It all comes down to appearance vs. durability. Is an undetectable look most important to you? Or do you want a system that lasts a long time. It's almost impossible to have it both ways in a hair system. Luckily, we provide a handy rating system. Just look in the upper left corner of the page to find out how this base rates in both appearance and durability.
How much time does it take to make and deliver?
The first step is to order our custom fitting kit online. We ship it right out to you so we can get all your design and fitting details. From the day you send the kit back with your hair order, expect it to arrive—ready to wear—in about 8-10 weeks. It just depends on the type of hair system you've ordered. Larger bases, like full caps usually require more time to manufacture. Of course, we do have a priority rush program if you just can't wait that long. Plus, you'll always know where your hair is because you can track your order in real-time at every phase of production right through to delivery.