Disposable Hair Systems

Get your hair a whole new way! Easy, easy, and really easy! That's how we describe our disposable hair systems. For years, hair wearers have struggled with hairpiece tape. Peeling away the thin backing and placing the ultra sticky tape in just the right position around your unit can be frustrating and take a very long time!

Throwaways are virtually maintenance free!

Our disposable hair systems arrive 100% ready-to-wear with super strong tape already attached (choose between popular brands.) You'll get 30 days of extended wear, after that just tear it off and throw the whole unit away!

What makes it so easy?

We sell these undetectable hair systems for only $228 each (and you get 12 per year) so you'll never have to worry about tearing! And you'll always have a brand new hair replacement unit to put on when you need it.

  • The extended wear tape is attached at the factory (choose between Supertape, Proflex, Walker and more!.)
  • The bond lasts for 30 days so you just put it on and forget it!
  • You get 12 units per year so no more worrying about repairs, stretching or shedding!
  • There are absolutely NO CONTRACTS! Stop your orders at anytime with no penalties.

More details about our disposable hair replacement systems

Undetectable appearance guaranteed

These systems are made from an ultra fine hollywood lace material using our High Definition Hairline™ and bleached knots along with scalloped fronts for a completely natural look.

12 brand new hair systems per year

We keep you in fresh new hair all year long by automatically delivering 2 systems every other month. (But NO CONTRACTS so cancel at anytime!)

Low cost

Only $228 each!! Save thousands of dollars from traditional retail prices by ordering your disposable hair direct.

Easy, easy & really easy

Because our super strong hairpiece tape is attached to your hair system at our factory all you have to do is take it out of the box and put it on your head. What could be simpler?

Attaching your disposable hair system is quick and easy

Just follow the instructions below. However, to get the full 30 days out of your attachment it is absolutely essential to first properly clean and prepare your scalp!

Step One Soaking the hair system

To begin, draw a sink full of lukewarm water and gently dip the system in the water until the hair is thoroughly soaked. Then softly shake out any excess water from the hair.

After shaking the excess water out, lay the system down on a dry towel and fold it over top of the hairpiece, gently blotting the system until all the excess water is out.

Warning:If you chose Supertape (it has a red and white backing) please disregard this first step and go directly to step two. Supertape backing is made of paper and will be difficult to remove when wet.


Step Two Remove blue tape backing

Once the system has been thoroughly dampened and rinsed out, turn it over and peel off the blue tape adhesive backing from the underside. Then lightly spray a thin mist of Adjust A-Bond over the exposed tape.

Immediately after spraying the Adjust A-Bond on the tape surfaces, spray a liberal amount (don't be shy) of the Adjust A-Bond onto your scalp — especially around the areas that the tape will touch your head.


Step Three Attaching the hair system

Immediately after spraying on the Adjust A-bond, place the disposable system onto your head. You will only have about 30 to 60 seconds to place and adjust the hair system before the adhesive begins to harden.

After you are confident the hair is in the proper position, then begin to gently press the adhesive areas onto the surface of your head.


Step Four Styling your hair

After the tape adhesive has bonded you can begin to direction style your hair. Begin by spraying a few pumps of our Spray Gel Mist or some other type of light styling gel to dampen the hair. Gently begin to brush through your hair in the direction that you would normally comb or style it.

For brush back styles, in order to loosen up the front, use the teeth of the brush or comb and gently press down on the front edge, dragging a little bit of hair forward to break up the front hairline.


Products Used in These Instructions