Hair System Maintenance,
Repairs and Hair Adds

Sure, brand-new hair systems are our specialty, but we can also rescue your current system with professional hairpiece repair, reconditioning, and hair-adding services — even if you didn’t get your hair from us! Our in-house staff of licensed hair techs performs basic work, while more complex jobs are sent to our skilled factory technicians. Let us fix up your system!

Save 100% (That means FREE)

Buy your first hair system from us, and we'll fix any current system you have*, free of charge. That's right, base repairs, hair adds, detangling and more at no cost!
*Current system must be mailed to us at time of order.
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How to Get Your System Repaired

If you have a damaged, tangled or color-mismatched wig or hair replacement system, you’re probably eager to get it fixed and we want to help. So to get started with your hair system repair:

  • Send in your damaged hair system with a note describing your problem
  • Include your full name and contact information (address, phone number, email address, best time to call)

Be sure to send in a clean hair system. To make repairs, maintenance and hair-adds, a clean system is essential. If a system isn’t properly cleaned for us to do the work, we’ll need to clean it ourselves and you’ll be charged a $30 cleaning fee.

So, what is properly clean? Any tape on the system needs to be removed along with any and all adhesive residue, which can be done by soaking the system in an adhesive removal solvent. Then, wash the system to remove all solvent, and finally, shampoo the hair. Completing all of the above will ensure you don’t get charged a cleaning fee.

For more information on how to properly clean a system, check out this step-by-step guide to cleaning a hair system.

And that’s it. Once we get your hair system, we’ll call you to discuss how to best proceed with your request. You’ll always get an honest opinion with no hidden costs. We’d love to repair every hair system, but sometimes it’s not possible. If we can’t repair your system, we’ll contact you and make arrangements for return shipping.

Hair System Repairs and Maintenance


HD Skin Cleaning
Thorough base cleaning, shampoo and condition hair, adhesive reapplied and system shipped on silicone mold.
* We won’t clean a skin system that’s not an HD Skin
Deep Cleaning
Thorough base cleaning to remove all adhesive residue and hair washed by hand.
Deep Conditioning
Thorough hair conditioning by hand.
Clorox-based extreme hair detangling and comb-thru.
Color revitalization including lightening and darkening.
Hairstyle and wave revitalization.
Replace Clips
Removal and/or repair of existing clips or sew in new clips.

Hair Repair

Add Grey Percentage
Increase the level or intensity of grey hairs (both human and synthetic)
Remove Density
Thinning out thicker density hair systems.
Bleach Knots
Bleaching or re-bleaching knots on underside of system.
Hair System Cut-In
Professional and custom cut-in service for your hairstyle.

Base Repair

Lace Front Replacement
Replace or add new lace front to existing base system (hair add included).
Tear Repair
Re-stitch or mend torn base materials.
Re-Coat Poly
Painting or re-coating polyurethane layers.

Hair Add Services

Adding hair to a hairpiece is one of the most common and complex hair system services we offer. The prices below cover normal to severe hair shedding. All hair adds are sent to our factory for completion.

Normal Hair Adds

Hair adds up to medium density or spot fills up to 1 sq in

Lengths Partial Cap Price Full Cap Price
6"or less $110 $140
6-8" $128 $169
8-10" $131 $187
10-12" $145 $209
12-14" $163 $239
14-16" $184 $274
16-18" $206 $310

Severe Hair Adds

Hair adds medium density & higher or spot fills over 1 sq in

Lengths Partial Cap Price Full Cap Price
6" or less $185 $215
6-8" $203 $244
8-10" $206 $262
10-12" $220 $284
12-14" $238 $314
14-16" $259 $349
16-18" $281 $385

The costs on this page do not include shipping or taxes. Please send us a clean hair system. Systems that have not been cleaned may incur additional charges.

Our 30-Day Guarantee

No hidden costs. No dirty tricks. We keep things simple. If you're not happy with the repairs on your system, we'll fix it for free or refund the cost of the repair. However, we are NOT able to reimburse you for the purchase price of the hair system. Our hair techs will evaluate your system carefully. If making repairs isn't worth the money or could lead to further damage we'll be honest and let you know before any work begins. If you're not happy with the repairs to your system, let us know within 30 days of receiving it and we'll fix it for free or refund the cost of the repair.

Please note: If we are unable to contact you after your system is mailed in, and there's no feedback regarding your repair, we will hold your system for up to a year. At that time, the system will be discarded.