Hair Cost Calculator

Our hair quality and the attention to detail we put into every hand-made hair system might come as a shock to you. You may also be surprised by the unlimited free one-on-one support offered by our certified, trained Hair Techs. Totally custom hair that’s money-back guaranteed, arriving at your door without you ever setting foot in a salon? That’s definitely worth a double-take.

What's your price?

If you know how much hair you want, how much of your head you need to cover, and where we can send the finished hair system, we’ll tell you exactly how much your hair replacement will cost. Try our simple hair cost calculator to find out how little a single custom hair system will cost you.


The Standing Order Discount

Save money by planning ahead! With the Standing Order Discount, you tell us how often you need new hair, and we’ll have it ready for you at a huge discount (as little as $228 per system). There’s no contract, and you can make changes to your hair any time you want to.

Learn how much you can save with the Standing Order Discount.