Integration Hair Systems for Women

An integration hair system refers to the type of base material used and is ideal for women (or men) with thinning or diffused hair loss. The key function of any hair integration system is the ability to pull your existing, growing hair directly through the unit. This allows you to wear a custom hair replacement system without shaving your head.

Your own natural, growing hair is combined with the hair on the integration piece to create the look of a full, complete head of hair. Depending on the thickness and fullness of your growing hair, there are a variety of different integration hair systems all with varying sizes and shapes of holes in the mesh.

Different Types of Integration Materials

As you can see from the photos displayed here, we can make your integration system using a wide variety of mesh material depending on how thick your growing hair is, as well as the severity of your hair loss.

#48 #49 #21
Mesh Design #48 Mesh Design #49 Mesh Design #21
1/16" mesh 1/4" mesh 1/2" mesh

Of course, these 3 designs are only a small sample of the many different types of hair integration systems we have available. Please contact us for more details. Do you wear an integration system that you like and fits you well? We can duplicate it exactly or make changes according to your specifications. Just let us know!

Ordering online from Hair Direct could save you thousands on your hair replacement systems. We can custom make integration systems, full cap wigs and partial hairpieces for both men and women.

Popular Styles of Integration Hair Systems

Though we can manufacture just about any configuration of materials for your integration unit, below are 5 of the most common styles we sell. All of the designs below can be made into a either a partial piece or full cap hair system.

Integration System 92

Integration Base System #92

  • 1/2" Mesh back and top
  • 1/4" Poly ribbon binding
  • Nylon monofilament front
  • Poly-coated nylon monofilament front hairline
Integration System 90

Integration Base System #90

  • 1/2" Mesh back and top
  • 1/4" Mesh front
  • Hollywood lace hair part
  • Poly skin front hairline
Integration System 93

Integration Base System #93

  • 1/2" Mesh back and top
  • 1/4" Mesh front
  • 1/4" Poly ribbon binding
  • Hollywood lace hair part
Integration System 95

Integration Base System #95

  • 1" Mesh back
  • 1/2" Mesh top
  • 1/4" Mesh front
  • 1/4" Elastic ribbon around back
Integration System 96

Integration Base System #96

  • 1/4" Fish net mesh
  • 1/4" Poly ribbon binding

Problems & Drawbacks with Integration

Though an integration hair system can be a great solution for women with shorter hair (anywhere from 2" to 5" long) we've seen many cases where they are more trouble than they're worth.

If your growing hair is long, an integration might not be ideal because pulling it through the mesh material at the right place could prove to be difficult and time consuming.

The best way to know if you'd be a good candidate for an integration system would be to contact us or speak with other hair wearers on our message board.