Custom Hair Systems
for Men & Women

You can have custom-made, truly natural hair replacement (at an affordable price) without ever leaving the comfort of home.

How's it work?
Full lace bases

Full Lace

most natural all around appearance; least durability

Full lace bases

Lace Front Bases

great looking front hairline; more durability in back

Full lace bases

Polyurethane Bases

hair appears to be growing right out of the skin material

Full lace bases

Conventional Bases

strong, long-lasting materials provide max durability


How we design & deliver custom hair systems by mail

Our methods are designed to make things easy for you. We start by empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need so you can do your own attachment, removal and maintenance from home. No waiting rooms or long commutes ever again.

We have a full-time team of licensed hair replacement consultants ready to answer questions and help you decide which base and hair system is best for you. By using our custom fitting kit, it's really easy to get all the necessary details to design and manufacture a great-looking head of hair that will fit you perfectly.

If you like our custom hair systems (and we know you will) it's completely hands-off from there. Re-ordering is a breeze and you'll save piles of cash every time! What if you don't like your hairpiece? No problem, we'll remake it at no cost to you!

How does all this work? Watch a quick 5-min intro video now!

A few things every hair wearer should know…

Want proof of how great our hair systems look?

We don't hide behind fuzzy images or Photoshop® — nope, we're proud of our hair and so are the clients who wear it. In fact we've got a huge gallery of before and after photos so you can see for yourself. But if photos aren't enough, we also have a great selection of high-resolution videos featuring our clients wearing their hair in real life!

Hairpieces for Her

Top 3 ordering mistakes

Hair DensityImproper density
It's best to err on the side of lighter density. Thinning it out later can result in an unnatural, rough feel.

Natural Hair RecessionHairline recession
Choose a hairline recession that is appropriate for your age and hair style.

Postioning HairSystem positioning
Ensure your system is placed in the correct position, at the point where your facial and cranial tissue meet.

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