HD Men’s Stock

Men’s Stocks by Hair Direct – As Close to Custom as it Gets

Say hello to our brand new stock hair system for men. This stock hair system model has been in the making for years. Yep, it’s available in six different sizes and 20 popular colors but that’s just about the only thing it has in common with most other stocks out there.

We didn't want to put our name on it, until we knew we had something special and this is it. You get the consistency and speed of a stock system, but the great appearance of a custom system. Here’s a few reason’s why:

High Definition Hairline®

The front edge of our stock features the same incredible hairline that we use in many of our customs. Bleached knots and a transitional density imitates a hairline and makes it appear as though it’s growing right out of your scalp.

Hollywood Lace

Not your typical stock base material, this model uses our ultra soft, comfy and cool Hollywood lace material for a great front and top appearance. On the sides and back you’ll find a thin poly edge for added durability.

Natural Color Graduation

Definitely the coolest part of our stock units is the natural color graduation. No matter which of the 18 standard colors you choose, you’ll notice it’s a little lighter in the front than in the back. This creates a highly organic color pattern that softly frames your face, the way nature intended.

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Customizable Stock

Enjoy the convenience and options of a customizable stock system! We’ll cut, style and pre-tape your stock system prior to shipping for just $99. Simply add the system you want to your shopping cart and a qualified hair replacement consultant will contact you to obtain all of your specifications.

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Add a Stock to Your Standing Order Discount

If you really like our stock systems, put your orders on autopilot with our Standing Order Discount (SOD). Automatically receive your customizable stock units cut, styled and ready-to-wear out of the box for as little as $78 a month! You also skip the $99 customization charge when you use our SOD for your customizable stock systems!

Simply call us at 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-717-553-6633 (local & international) today to speak to a hair replacement consultant to receive stock systems with your SOD!