Common Questions

How do we do this through the mail?

There are several parts that make our process for designing custom hair systems through the mail possible. First, it begins with our Custom Fitting Kit.

The kit makes it easy for you to provide us with all the necessary details we need to create a perfectly matched hair replacement system. The kit contains a patented molding process, so you can throw out the saran wrap and get the most precise details.

Plus it includes hair, base and color samples for the most accurate design and blending possible. Learn more about where we go from there.

How much do our hair systems cost?

This is the best part... a full custom hair system from Hair Direct will cost a fraction of what you might already be paying those big clubs! Prices vary depending on the type of hairpiece you need, but most of our clients never pay more than $499 per unit.

That includes the cut-in fee because our systems arrive cut, styled and ready-to-wear right out of the box. Plus we have a great discount plan where you could pay as little as $228 per system, find out more.

How long will it take?

From the time you place your hair system order, it typically takes about nine weeks for top of head, 10 weeks for ¾ cap and 12 weeks for full cap systems.

Where's my hair?

Looking for the status on your current order? If it has been at least 4 weeks since your order was placed, you can track the progress of your new hair system from start to finish of the production line. First, sign in to your account at Hair Direct next select "My Account", then "Track Your Orders".

Or give us a call at 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-717-553-6633 (local & international) and one of our hair replacement consultants should be able to give you a more specific ship date.

Do we have a location near you?

Well, yes... and no. We have clients all over the world but we only have one location and that's in Central Pennsylvania, US.

We are an online, mail-order hair replacement company. Without even leaving your house you can order a custom-made hair replacement system from us. Plus, you can learn how to fit, attach and maintain your own hair right here from our website.

All of our hair systems are 100% money-back guaranteed and we've got a trained staff of licensed hair replacement consultants available to help you through the entire process.

Can you send me more information?

Though most of the details about our company are available right here on our website, we do have an informational video you can watch for free.

This free video will explain the finer points of what we do and how we do it. It’s also full of extras like before and after photos, and client testimonials. Plus, there’s no obligation to buy. Watch the free video now.

Are your hair systems guaranteed?

Absolutely! Each and every custom hair system we sell comes with an unconditional, 30-day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. No questions. No hassles. No Kidding. Learn more about our guarantee.

May I see before and after photos?

You bet! Glad you asked! We're proud of our systems and our clients. We have a huge photo gallery on our site, check it out now!

May I speak with one of your clients?

Sure thing. You can also listen to actual voicemails right now as well as ready client emails

If you'd prefer to speak with a live client one-on-one, just give us a call at 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-717-553-6633 (local & international) or email and we'll help connect you directly to one of our existing clients.

In the meantime, checkout our message board, it's always buzzing with activity and and anxious clients always ready to help out and answer your questions.

How long have you been in business?

A really long-time. You can learn all about our company history and experience here and you can also meet our company president and learn about his expertise in hair replacement.

How many employees work at Hair Direct?

At our main office in Central Pennsylvania, US, we have an always growing staff. Most of our clients work directly with our team of licensed hair replacement consultants, located here.

At our production facility in Qingdao, China we have over 90 full-time ventilators and production workers.

Can I order a system that has not been cut-in yet?

You bet. Just let us know when you place your order. But are you sure we can't tempt you into trying our cut-in service? It's free and just check out a few of the great styles we can offer.

Do you make custom systems for women?

Absolutely! Sorry we don't have many photos on the site, however, all of our base systems can be fitted for women. Please call us at 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-717-553-6633 (local & international) for more details.

Do you make custom systems for African-American and other ethnic groups?

Absolutely! Sorry we don't have many photos on the site, however, all of our base systems can be fit and colored for just about anyone. Please call us at 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-717-553-6633 (local & international)for more details.

How long will the hair system last before I need to re-order?

Good question, unfortunately it's very hard to answer. Of course much depends on your lifestyle and the level of care and maintenance you put into your hair. But the type of base you have is also a deciding factor. Most of our full-lace bases will look their best between 30 and 90 days. On the other hand we have long-lasting bases like our conventional systems that can be worn up to 18 months without any signs of break down. For more info on base systems and how to choose the best for you, please check out our Learning Center.

What's the first step to get started ordering a custom system?

That's an easy one. You can get started online right now for only $59 down by ordering our Custom Fitting Kit.

What is the Standing Order Discount and how does it work?

The Standing Order Discount, or as we like to call it, the SOD, is a program we set up to make re-ordering your hair systems easy... and really affordable. Learn more about the SOP here.

How can you sell hair systems for so cheap?

Unlike the clubs and retail hair replacement salons, we have very low operating costs. And we prefer to pass the savings onto you. Plus, we are our own direct manufacturer and do not sell or buy to the "middle-men."

Do you sell stock systems for emergency needs?

You bet! Give us a call toll-free at 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-717-553-6633 (local & international) if you need a system in a hurry. One of our hair replacement consultants can work with you to figure out your size, contour and hair blending details.

Can I take care of the maintenance myself?

Absolutely. You’ll save tons of money in maintenance costs alone, and we’ll show you just how easy and convenient it really is! Most big hair clubs and retail centers offer very little education on how to take care of your own system. This way you’re forced to go back for expensive monthly service. Visit our learning center for more information.

Can I pick my own hairstyle or do I need to choose from your gallery?

The choice is yours. Our online hair style gallery can serve as an excellent guide to picking a hair style or just as inspiration as you design your own. In fact, our technical team can work with you no matter what you're looking for. Just send us a picture out of a magazine and we can probably make it work!

Will I need to shave the top of my head before attaching my hair system?

Although it's not a requirement (some hair wearers use clips) many people do prefer to shave the area of their head that the hair system will cover. This is a common practice at retail hair replacement salons, clubs and Farrell. Having a clean shaven area to attach your hair system (using either hairpiece tape or liquid adhesive) will dramatically improve the strength of the bond as well as the length of time you can wear the unit. Of course, we can design a hair replacement system for you in any shape or size. For this reason we do recommend growing your hair around the balding area so the hair piece is covering a smaller spot on your head.