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New April 2014 Style!

Hollywood Lace Front (HD21) - Medium Density, 6"Long (Cut by my Stylist)

Now having 25% grey hair. Using ProFlex tapes all around. 1 New System every 4 month.

More questions? ericlanoie@hotmail.com 


[ Original (1440 x 1734) ]


Encouraged22 said:

Ricky,   I have seen your pictures before and I agree that your hair looks terrific.

I always appreciated  when people are willing to post pictures of themselves for others to

see.   I've been wearing for almost 5 years and it took me about a year to decide to take the

plunge and start wearing (don't regret that decision one bit).  Seeing pictures on this site and on another site is what really helped me make the decision to begin wearing hair.  Pictures like yours are what really encouraged me to make that decision.    Now for my question to  you.  I read one of your comments that you blow dry your hair.   It appears as if you wear product in your hair.   Do you blow dry your hair to the point of still being a bit damp and then add product?  What product do you use?      I am still experimenting on how to  style my  hair.   I almost always use product and seldom go completely dry (think the  hair looks better with product).  



Ricky01 said:

Hi Encouraged22, Thank you very much for your comments. I usually put a bit of regular gel in my hair then use the dryer to sculpt the shape i want until its pretty much dry, then i put some hairspray to keep the hair fix.

Encouraged22 said:

Thanks for the response, Ricky.

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