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  • porsche86

    Oil/sebum build up

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    I have been wearing a piece for 20+years. Anyone out there with this issue, sebum build up on the scalp, between washings? I am looking for a product that dissolves the build-up to eliminate the smell that develops with this build-up. I wash my hairpiece 1x a week, and even with this, it is impossible to get to my scalp to remove this build up. 

    I use leave-in spray conditioner daily, but still have the lack of shine I prefer. I have used several products, but all seem to have an oil base that builds up on my hair requiring more washing then a piece can handle. Am I SOL or am I just missing something?

    My only thought would be SEA BREEZE! 



  • HD-Mary

    Re: Oil/sebum build up

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    Hello porsche86,

    Thank you for your post.

    This issue is quite common for hair wearers that have oily skin or scalps.

    While Sea Breeze may be effective at removing oil from the scalp, sometimes it may remove too much, causing your scalp to overreact and produce more oil.

    You could try a product like ProTouch CleanSkin Scalp Cleaner before attaching your system. This product will clean and condition your scalp and provide a good bonding surface.

    For in between times, while you are wearing the system, you could use Axis Enzo Spray. This product will help to freshen the hair and scalp in between washings.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at if you have any other questions.

    Have a great day!

    Mary | Client Service Team Lead |

  • devildan

    Re: Oil/sebum build up

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    Hi, I started using Seabreeze on my scalp every attachment, I feel it does stop the smell and buildup if I go 2 weeks between re/attachiment cleaning. For my hair system hair I just started using Byrlum cream A mens hair dressing ( just a little in you hands and run through the hair.

    In the summer months I re/attach and clean every week. 

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