Inability to obtain products on store

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  • alexwyrwas2

    Inability to obtain products on store

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    I'm not certain what's going on here but often times HD is running out of store items.  I'm thinking of shaving my head.  Poor customer service.  I've asked numerous times on why some of the products keep running out of stock with no response from customer service.  Shop elsewhere.  Will post my displeasure on other social media outlets as well.  Have been a customer of HD for over 10 years.  
  • HD-Mary

    Re: Inability to obtain products on store

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    Hi alexwyrwas2,

    There are times when products are discontinued by the manufacturer which would of course cause them to no longer be available in our Store. Once depleted from inventory in the US, UK and EU Stores the product would be removed from view on our online Store. 

    We understand that clients can become frustrated when a product that they have been using is no longer available. This is why we offer a large selection of products that is always being updated and added to so that our clients have a variety of products to meet their individual needs. 

    I do see that you were responded to through email on February 5, 2019 regarding the particular products that you inquired about. Within that email you were provided a link (Amazon) to the products inquired about so that you could see if there was availability elsewhere. If you have any other questions or concerns or would like recommendations for products that will provide the same and/or better care/quality please let us know. We would be more than happy to help. 

    Mary | Client Service Team Lead |

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