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  • clembkefour

    Attachment of system

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    I am concerned that I will not be able to attach the hair system myself. What have been other women's experiences with attaching the hair system themselves?
  • VickieD

    Re: Attachment of system

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    I have been wearing hair for about 5 years.  I would say that for about the first 6 months, I needed help to get it straight because it was hard to see in the back.  Since then, I have learned through trial and error how to do it myself and now do it without much thought.  It's not difficult, it just takes practice and a good wall mounted mirror that you can move. You can do it!
  • blondie12

    Re: Attachment of system

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    Hi!  The difficulty of attachment depends on the type of adhesive you use.  When I first started doing it myself, I was only using Walker Ultrahold as I was unaware of the much easier tapes such as Supertape.  For years I have used Supertape all around the perimeter except for the very front where I use Walker Ultrahold.  Also, what type of base do you have?  Is it an all lace base or does it have a poly perimeter?  I have an all lace base.  It's much more natural and doesn't feel bulky like a base with a poly perimeter.  If you have poly perimeter the attachment is a bit different.  You never want to apply adhesive directly to the poly part.  You need to use the red liner tape on the poly perimeter and then use the Walker Ultrahold and/or Supertape.  At least this is what I learned from my experience with those types of bases.  If you have an all lace base I suggest to do the de and re-attachment at least every two weeks.  Once the glue breaks down it is much harder to clean.  Hope this helps.  
  • Curl and Twirl

    Re: Attachment of system

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    Big SmileBig SmileBig SmileBig Smile

    I have been attaching my full lace system myself for at least 5 years. I used to pay $200 to have someone else do it for me. Frankly I put it on just as well and I keep the money!  At first, I was very scared. I went through several pieces of tape. My fingers kept sticking to the small pieces of tape and ruining the hold or twisting the tape. But I learned through trial and error. You will also find out what tape works best for your skin. Some tapes I was allergic too and I itched 24/7 until I got it off! Some tapes are messier when replacing the old tape.  

    I found it was easier to mark the center of the piece front and back with an eye brow pencil. It comes off easier. I also marked where I wanted the hair to set on my head, by placing a small dot on my skin. It helps take the guess workout of it. After I have tape on the whole hairpiece I turn each piece vertically so its much easier to take off as I lay down my hair. It's especially helpful in the back, where I have a hard time seeing. It really doesn't take me long to do any more. The normal time is about 1.5 hours from start to finish as I wash, dry and condition my hair at the same time. I also place my system on my head with all the tape still on, first to make sure its centered and I'm not placing the front too far forward or backward.. I know this sounds complicated, but really its quite doable. You get over your fear of screwing the whole thing up after a couple tries. I'm completely happy with my hair pieces and have only complained about my very first one, which came the wrong color. The how-to-videos really help too! I've watched them all. Good Luck ! I'm sure you will do well. 

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