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  • meglamb

    being bald sucks :(

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    Haven't been feeling the most confident lately, and I wonder a lot about how much better life would be without alopecia. Yah, I get it, hair loss isn't life threatening, be happy you've got your health, but, like.. it sucks. So I go look at and scour the internet for any progress on treatment options, and there never is any and I'm never really sure how to help people understand why I'm not feeling great.  I'm sure everyone here can relate -  and, I dunno, there's nothing like getting a new system and it feels good and it looks so good, and your spirits are lifted and you get that great big boost of confidence.


    anyway, I've had alopecia for 26 years, my entire childhood thru now, and I don't know why it's taken me this long to try and figure out a way to help other people who I know feel just like me.  So I was fiddling around and came up with a wearable daily affirmation: Pretty Beautiful, I've set up a teespring where you can go and get a super cute tee and I'm gonna put all the proceeds to help other people remember that that's just what they are.  some will go to the national alopecia areata foundation to help fund their support groups, research, etc.  and the rest I'd like to put into a fund for folks who have trouble affording the right hair loss solution for themselves. email if you or someone you know is in need of some help, and hopefully this will be a big hit and I'll be able to help just one person

    so, if' you'd like to take a look, maybe you'll want one for yourself: 

    black and white version:





  • AngleD

    Re: being bald sucks :(

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    Bald problem is so bad, Interesting story dear.
  • eddapugal

    Re: being bald sucks :(

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    Exactly. Even i do have a very short hair. I keep it short, so that my hair doesn't fall much. Is there any permanent remedy for hair loss.
  • CuteMJ

    Re: being bald sucks :(

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    Right you are. It's a great problem, especially for women. Hope humanity will find an appropriate solution as quick as possible.
  • rilizjo

    Re: being bald sucks :(

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    Its very big problem and its very sad for woman

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