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  • Summerramahi

    Bonding question

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    I want to consider bonding at home by myself I have a topper system I bought it’s not bad but where I got it from he ripped me off told me I could dye it do whatever I like so when I asked the stylist that worked for him she said I could color it however I like and when I did, half of the hair fell off shedding like crazy even before coloring it was shedding but it became worse. Then he yelled at me and told me that I wasn’t supposed to color it and told me to deal with it!! I was shocked so I decided to not ever go there again and try to bond it myself at home and I want to buy a new hair system but I can’t afford thousand of dollars for a new system. I want to bond it over my existing hair no shave, if anyone did that did you bond the topper over your bio hair without shaving? And also what kind of safe adhesive you used to bond? And can you recommend anyone that has great prices on good hair toppers? 

    Thanks sorry for the long post in desperate need of advice.  

  • HD-Lisa

    Re: Bonding question

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     Hi Summerramahi,

     I am very sorry to hear about the difficult experience you had with your hair system from another company.  HairDirect  makes custom made hair systems at affordable prices.  We also carry a limited amount of stock systems as well.  

    Most of our hair systems are attached to a bare scalp but you are also able to use clips to attach to your own growing hair if you do not wish to shave your scalp.  We normally do not recommend that you attach a system to your own growing hair with liquid adhesive or tape because it is extremely difficult to remove all of the residue from your own hair.  

     Here is our cost calculator to calculate your cost based on the size of your system, hair lengths, and density:

    We also offer discounts based on how many you purchase per year.  It is called our Standing Order and you can also make monthly payments too.  See the link below:

    Custom made hair systems:

    Please let us know if you have any more questions. 

    Have a great day!

    HD Lisa 


    Lisa | Hair Replacement Consultant |

  • blondie12

    Re: Bonding question

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    Regarding the shaving issue, I have never shaved my hair.  I do use scissors to cut my existing hair as short as possible where the adhesive will be applied.  Having sensitive skin, I'm afraid a razor would create a rash, the last thing anyone wants.  I suggest you use tape as much as possible rather than glue.  I only use glue at the front hair line.  Glue is much harder to remove from the system.  Of course this depends whether you get a poly perimeter or an all lace base (as I have).  You can do this!  You don't need to be a slave to a salon.  
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