EU store - problems

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  • Bibianne

    EU store - problems

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    During shopping I change the store to EU, but with every next click the store keeps changing back to US / the prices to USD. Also at the checkout it changes to US store. sometimes the system corrects it based on the shipping address but sometimes it does not. please review this functionality. it would be nice if the user could change the default store / prices to EU and the system would remember it.
  • HD-Leona

    Re: EU store - problems

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    Hi Bibianne,

    This sounds like an issue with your browsers cookies.  I have attempted the same steps and I am unable to have the same issue.  Please clear your cookies for and that should resolve the issues.  If you are still having the issue please let me know and I'll have our tech team look further into this.


    Thank you.



    Leona | Director of Digital Strategy

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