Issues contacting anyone

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  • 28 days

    Issues contacting anyone

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    Hello all,

     I got the usual e-mail saying it was time to make adjustments (if needed) to my standing order. I can't get ahold of anyone! When I call during stated hours, I am put on hold for 5 min. or so, then the Tongue Tiedrecording says no one is available. Anyone else have problems getting through?


  • josh

    Re: Issues contacting anyone

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    Hi 28 days!

    I am so sorry that you experienced long hold times getting through to us yesterday!  I will be sure to look into this because this should not have occured. In the meantime, I will have your dedicated hair replacement consultant reach out to you today to review any changes that you would like to see made for your upcoming order. 

    Thank you so much!



    Josh Ward | Director of Client Services |

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