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  • Moola

    Tape not working

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    I have been a customer for quite sometime and usually don’t have a problem. Recently, I noticed that on one side of head the tape is not sticking. I usually use proflex  or ultra hold however, they are not holding. Why all of a sudden is the tape not working? I have a lace front with a poly base. I have never had this happen before. I am not sure what options I have. 
  • HD-Mariah

    Re: Tape not working

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    Hello Moola,

    Thank you for your post.

    Our body chemistry and PH balance of our skin is constantly changing over time, when this happens, sometimes a product that may have worked great for us previously, is not working so well, if at all anymore. This is a possibility and is completely normal.

    My suggestion would be to try out a different tape adhesive to see if your results are better.  Supertape would be one I would recommend if you have not tried it already.

    There are many different options for Supertape available here:|0&o=0&p=1&i=20

    If you have any further questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Any of us consultants are more than happy to assist you.


    Thank you and have a wonderful day! 

  • Mickie42

    Re: Tape not working

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    I am so happy to hear that someone else is having problems with the Ultra Hold tapes.   I’ve used it for years and I was so happy that it worked because I’d gone through a lot of different tapes and glue that did not work well.   I did let HD know about the tapes, and they said I could send them back.  It’s frustrating to try and find what works for you.  I’m going to give the Ultra Hold another chance because I started using the glue again and hate the cleanup of my scalp and unit.  On the hunt again.  
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