Advice Needed for Thin Skin Hairline - Close up photos included

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  • NewbieHairWearer

    Advice Needed for Thin Skin Hairline - Close up photos included

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    I just had a "thin skin" system attached by a professional salon that specializes in men's hair systems and women's wigs. I am unhappy with the hairline of the "thin skin" system (photos attached). The hair professional that attached it cut it in, and styled it says that my skin is too tan for the stock system and a darker scalp material is available for custom thin skin systems, but that the standard dark would be too dark for me.

    Is this hairline normal? I was expecting it to look much more "undetectable". The white excess material that scallops from the hairline is quite visible and not what I expected at all. Will a full swiss lace cap provide me with better results?

    Also, this system is incredibly itchy every time I sweat just a little bit. The hair replacement professional that attached it recommended that I soak my scalp in sea breeze to alleviate itching. This seems off to me as Sea Breeze is made up of mostly alcohol and I fear it will prematurely degrade the bonding tape.

    Please help with any feedback or advice!



  • HD-justine

    Re: Advice Needed for Thin Skin Hairline - Close up photos included

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    Hi NewbieHairWearer,

    Thank you for your post.

    After reviewing your photos, I fully understand your concerns that you have voiced. Although, I am not familiar with the standards of your supplier for thin skins, this would not be acceptable with our standards.

    The front hairline is not laying flush with the scalp, you can see it is lifted. It also does not have a transitional hairline to give you the appearance of how hair naturally grows out of the scalp. Typically, or at least with the HD Thin Skin the front edge of the system should disappear once applied.

    A thin skin is not a breathable base, therefore any liquid cannot escape, such as a breathable lace base. This is why you are experiencing itching when you sweat. The sweat and liquid build up under the skin causing the itchiness. In addition to the skin base not being breathable, itching can be caused when shaved hair begins to grow under the system.

    I would NOT recommend using Seabreeze to try and alleviate any itching, as this will only cause irritation to your scalp. If would choose to continue wearing a skin base I would recommend our Protouch No Sweat to help control perspiration, which is applied prior to application. You can find the link below.

    In conclusion, if you live an active lifestyle, or have an oily scalp, a lace system may be a better choice for you. Sadly, a thin skin does not have the breath ability that a lace system can offer.

    If you have any questions please feel free to let us know at 1-800-424-7436.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Kind Regards,


    Justine | Hair Replacement Consultant |

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