Skydiving with a system, possible?

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  • gothaired

    Skydiving with a system, possible?

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    I've been wearing a lace system for a while now and i attach it on the perimeter with tape. 


    I have wanted to sky dive for a while and looks like an opportunity will be coming up soon. i will be travelling with people who dont know that i wear one.

     what i'd like to know is that has anyone  tried skydiving with a system? what was the type of bond and system and if you used anything to block out the wind from lifting the system off. 


    would greatly appreicate any info regarding how this can be done 



  • HD-Mary

    Re: Skydiving with a system, possible?

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    Hi gothaired,

    I haven't tried skydiving but, I do know that typically a helmet is required. So you shouldn't have to worry about your hair system lifting.

    I have looked through the tape adhesives that you purchased and the Walker Ultra Hold tape offers a good strong bond. If you're looking for a little extra security you could do a full scalp bond rather then your typical perimeter bond when you go one your skydiving adventure.

    Another thought would be to tie a bandanna over your hair for your adventure. I've heard from clients that ride motorcycles and they do this to protect their hair as well from the friction of the helmet and wind.

    Best of luck to you! And let us know how things work out.  


    Mary | Client Service Team Lead |

  • devildan

    Re: Skydiving with a system, possible?

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     I flew a jump plane on the weekends years ago and everyone always wore a helmet  ! Do they even jump without helmets ?  I was at a jump center in Florida years ago and they did not wear helmets.  I think the hair system would be OK without a helmet. I use Ultrahold tape on the perimeter and it is pretty solid.   I ride my motorcycle with a helmet and no problems, it just gets matted after awhile. Bring a brush with you to restyle it again.

    Where is your jump center ? 

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