Trans women unwelcome here?

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  • demented_mint

    Trans women unwelcome here?

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    My hair has been both a barrier and source of heartache. I was hoping for a welcoming and helpful response from the HD consultants. What I got instead was short responses, that seemed to place the blame on me for not understanding what I was asking for. In one instance it was pointed out to me that the hair style I was hoping for was a women's. Implying that I wasn't.

    I hope that my experiences aren't universal and there are some other trans women that have gotten more respect.

  • josh

    Re: Trans women unwelcome here?

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    Hi demented_mint,

    I am so sorry that you got the impression of being unwelcome. I can assure you that you are very welcome here! We have a large customer base of transgender individuals that we provide products, service, and support to here at HairDirect. After researching the situation and listening to the calls, I believe that the consultant that you were speaking to was not clear of your intentions during the course of the call. In speaking to you and reviewing your account and the pictures you sent in, she wanted to make sure that you were aware of what was being ordered. Once it was understood, it made complete sense of what cut and style you were looking to obtain.

    If you have additional questions or concerns about your order or your interactions with our team, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

     Thank you!



    Josh Ward | Director of Client Services |

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