Not as durable as I thought it would be.

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  • GGhair

    Not as durable as I thought it would be.

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    So lets get one thing straight, I take no pleasure in bashing companies and their products, I simply want to leave a review so that when looked at by the makers f this products, they can make improvements on their products. 

    I recently purchased the Ghost Bond: Platinum adhesive and have had it for 2 weeks and I have experienced that it's not as durable as it is advertised to be. In the two weeks that I have been using this product I have had to reapply my unit four times, the bottle says that it can hold up against humidity, perspiration, and oily skin, I live in Dallas, TX (humidity), I sweat a lot, and have oily skin so I was excited to read a product that appeals to all three of my problem areas. I watched instructions of how to apply this glue before and after I purchased the product to ensure that I was correctly and safely applying the glue for my units, (I like my edges). I came off with water while in the shower, I didn't that this to heart because it does not say "water proof adhesive"  on the bottle. I understand that you have to make sure sure no oil gets onto where you are applying units, but its absolutely ridiculous to make a product that can not come into contact with any type of oil product when this is an adhesive for lace wigs. Nine times out of ten anyone who is looking to glue down a lace unit is going to have a human hair lace wig, and with human hair lace wigs (the keyword is HUMAN HAIR) it is inevitable  human wigs will need oils to keep the hair healthy from breaking off, and moisturized to eliminate frizzing. If a lace adhesive cannot  hold up against the slightest amount of oil it might be time to go back to the drawing board, because it will never change the hair needs oils! My hair almost came off while I was at school because I had to run to class from the parking lot and the sweat from my head loosened the  glue, so now I'm trying to fix my hair in the bathroom ( which entails touching my hair to pull my wig back on and then trying to press the lace back down to get the bond between my lace and my skin going again which I'm sure transferred oils from my hair to my head where the glue is) was a bad experience. I The only positive thing that is have experienced is that it does have a comfortable hold with no pulling or pinching with leads to irritated skin, and I am truly grateful for the fact that it did not break out my sensitive skin.    

    Please go back to the drawing board on this one! 

  • lively guy

    Re: Not as durable as I thought it would be.

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    Hi GGhair, it would seem that you and I share the same issues regarding our sweaty oily skin. I have experimented with many tapes and adhesives over the years and I have to accept my limitations due to my skin. The BEST that I can hope for is 4 days. For me, Ghost Bond Platinum has outperformed all other adhesives. I use No- Shine 1/2 inch tape on the sides and back. Density is 55%, full lace base, human hair. When new, I use BlueMax silicon serum and apply the serum to a comb and gently comb the hair while adding more serum to the comb as I go. This coats the individual hair shafts and doesn't get in the knots. I spray BlueMax Daily Refresher lightly every other day.

    I wash about every 10 days with non-sufate shampoo. I have a fine-mist spray bottle that I put Tridesign Moisturizing conditioner in to 1/3 and add warm water and shake. I mist this over my hair after attachment so as not to load up conditioner on the knots by soaking the unit which accelerates shedding. 

    The Ghost Bond looks great in the sun, but due to my skin over-producing  oils and sweat, at 3 days I start to get a slight "shadow" beneath the adhesive. Nothing works to stop it. I am abnormal in my body chemistry. That is the way it is. I prep by using Dawn dish liquid, gently dabbing alcohol, Pat dry. DO NOT SCRUB!!! Use blotting motions only! Yes, I have tried barrier coats, No-Sweat, etc... They just don't want to work for me. Okay, hope this helps!

  • HD-Emily

    Re: Not as durable as I thought it would be.

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    Hi GGhair-

     I know that you wrote this post about a month ago- but I saw it and wanted to just make some comments that might be helpful to you or anyone else who might be experiencing the same issue.

    I'll start by saying that sadly, adhesives will not work the same for each person. Something that works great and holds for me like a dream might not last a full week for you, and of course, vice versa. This is mainly due to body chemistry, but also is attributed greatly to lifestyle. Someone who tends to sweat more or have oily skin may need to try something different than a person who does not often sweat or tends to have drier skin. You probably already knew all this, but it never hurts to mention.

    When it comes to using a water based adhesive, the application process and what you do directly after application sets the stage for the entire life of your bond. For anyone who isn't sure if they are using a water based adhesive or a solvent based adhesive- don't worry! It's easy to figure out: if your adhesive is white when it's wet, then dries clear (like Elmer's glue)- it's water based. If your adhesive is clear(ish) all the time, then you know it is solvent based.

    So- what do you need to know to make sure you get your best bond each time? Here are some tips:

    -First and foremost, make sure to prepare your scalp thoroughly before trying to adhere. Shave any hair in the area you intend to attach over, remove any adhesive residue, then remove any residue of the solvent (more on why this is so important in just a second). Make sure that both your scalp and the system are totally dry- and try to be comfortable and cool while you're doing your attachment. For instance, right after taking a shower while your body temperature is probably increased from the hot water (so you might be perspiring just a little bit) and the room is hot and steamy would not be ideal.

    -Make sure that both the system and your scalp are free of any solvent residue. The main ingredient in almost all solvents is either citrus or mineral oil. Even conditioner can build up on the base, especially with lace. The easiest way to remove this is to give the base of your system a quick wash with blue Dawn Dish Soap. It's important to use this product because it's the only soap that will actually break down oils (just like it does when you wash your dishes).Even ONE part PER MILLION of solvent residue left on your system will begin to break down your bond up to ten times faster. So, even if you don't feel any solvent left on your base, do yourself a favor and wash it with Dawn before you try to attach. 

    -This next part is imperative when it comes to water based adhesives. You want to use VERY thin layers. Less is more! The layers should be so thin that if you start at the back of your area of hair loss, by the time you get to the front, the area in the back should be clear and "dry" already. You can add several layers in this fashion, but make sure that each previous coat is totally clear before adding the next one. If the glue is not cured properly before the next layer, then you will never get the long bond that the adhesive is capable of. If a new layer is added before the first one is clear, it will never properly cure. It can be helpful to use a hair dryer on a cool (or even "warm"- but not "hot") to expedite the process. Last of all, wait a full seven minutes after applying your last layer before attaching your system. The glue should feel "tacky"- not wet, and not dry enough that your finger glides over it.

    -Last, but not least- after you attach the unit, try not to get it wet for a good 24 (or longer if possible) hours. So, ideally, you would not go to the gym and sweat or raise your body heat. You would not wash your hair, and you would try to avoid taking a shower. If you do need to rinse off, try not to get your hair wet, and try not to make your bathroom super hot and steamy. You should also try to touch and style your hair as little as possible during this time, as you don't want to move things around too much.

     Some things to remember after you've attached and as you wearing include: 

    -Comb your hair from the back of your system forward when you first get out of the shower. After you've combed out any knots, you can then brush and style it however you'd like. The reason being if you are combing your hair straight back right when you get out of the shower, and you catch a tangle or a knot, you may pull the front of your system away from your scalp- as your bond is already a little weakened from the heat and moisture from your shower. As your body cools down and you dry off, your bond will re-harden, so try not to pull the system up even if the bond is weak. Once it's pulled away from your scalp, it will not re-harden in the same way.

    -If the front of your system begins to loosen, it's okay to touch it up a little, but I don't recommend trying time after time to add glue and re-stick it. There comes a time when too much glue builds up and you won't get a good or tight hold- especially if you're adding water based adhesive on top of water based adhesive. The best thing to do (when you have the time) is to remove everything, clean, and re-attach.

     I hope this helps! If you continue to find that this adhesive just does not work for you, you may want to try something solvent based, like the Walker Ultra Hold. Let us know if you have any questions, I know this is a lot of information!

    Warm Regards-


    Emily | Hair Replacement Consultant |

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