Taking the plunge......

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  • Lightdancer7

    Taking the plunge......

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    ...and sending in my Hair Club 'spare' to switch over to HD.  I'm a nervous wreck but I just can't afford Hair Club anymore and besides the money I am spending each month, it seems the quality of their hair systems are getting worse and worse.   I am currently disabled and have very limited activities so you would think the systems I am getting would last however whenever I shower I comb through my hair with conditioner and get HANDFULS of hair in my hand or on the wet comb!!!!  A few years ago (2007) I was swimming 1.5 miles in the pool at the local Y each morning at 5AM and the hair held up well even with all that exposure 5 days/wk to chlorine!  

    I'm excited but nervous that it will be a diaster.  I have printed off the 'send in a sample' paperwork, was assigned a tech (Loretta) and am mailing it all in tomorrow.  I hope she will let me know what products I am needing.

    I am also sending in three pix of myself with the style I usually wear.  I hope this helps.

     I would love to hear some of your success stories.

     Looking forward to hearing from you all.


    May no soldier go unloved, may no soldier walk alone, may no soldier be forgotten until they all come home.

  • HD-Brandon

    Re: Taking the plunge......

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    Great news, and congrats, LightDancer! Welcome to the fam Big Smile

    Loretta is a great tech and she'll take good care of you, also, including a photo will be very helpful. Good luck, and I think you'll really like the benefits and savings of ordering direct.

    HD Marketing Guy... Please buy hair from us. :-)

  • HD-Camille

    Re: Taking the plunge......

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    All the years of wearing hair will give you the experience you need to do it yourself.  Just have confidence and you will be fine.  Besides, you have all of us here in this forum to help you with any questions you have.  And keep in mind, once you get your unit, you can always call in and any of the Hair Techs would be happy to answer your questions.  Welcome to the family!!! Party!!!


    Camille Hair Tech

  • HD-Loretta

    Re: Taking the plunge......

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    Hello I'm Loretta. I just wanted you to know that I understand your nervousness. I hope that I can set your mind at ease a little.

    After I receive all of your information I will contact you. We can then take the time to go over everything in detail. I will help determine which base will work best for you. There could be many reasons you are having so much hair loss and could possible be in the base you are wearing.

    After speaking in more detail we will address all of the issure you are having now. I will do my best to try to elimanate these same issues for you going forward.

    I will also help you in choosing products that you will need to attach and care for your unit.

    I look forward to speaking withn you soon.



    Loretta | Hair Replacement Consultant | loretta@hairdirect.com

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