Declining hair quality & empty units

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  • diana30

    Declining hair quality & empty units

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    Hi All,  

    i have been a hair direct customer for over 8 years now

    and I’m experiencing lately, specifically this year, a major decline

    in the hair quality, and shedding.

    They send me the systems almost bald on top now with

    a very wide part and very little hair in the frontal, after 2 washes

    exactiy which usually means 3 weeks max, the empty part already

    gets wider and I find it very hard to wear the unit, I look like I’m balding

    with this wide empty part. I’m wearing the HD units which are supposed

    to be the most invisible ones and the density is not too heavy.

    However my order specification never changed over the last 8 years

    the only difference occurred is that they keep sending me the units with less and

    less density.. and I never received them in such a way before.

     I’m finding it very hard to communicate with them, at first when I commented 

    about the hair quality declining, they explained that the hair is not as good as before

    and that it  is the way it is.. and we have to accept !!  Okay, accepted to pay the same 

    amount of money and receive worse hair quality than before !

    Now i’m Complaining about how empty I’m receiving my units, and that they were not that empty

    before ! But on  the contrary, they were full and nice, and I keep getting dismissed with my complains

    and getting the answer of it is the way it is.. we cannot change that and that I have to accept

    receiving empty units that don’t last 1 month because I’m ordering the invisible high definition ones !!! 

    Well, that has been my order for 8 years and they were perfect before,  the very thin frontal and wide bald part

    is just new !!!! Wondering how they managed to send them all the past 8 years perfectly on top and only  this year

      they decided that it should be emptier and I have to accept! 

    Anyone experienced something similar to that before ? Also customer service has been

    really hard, whenever I complain that there’s somerhing I’m not comfortable with

    they don’t help at all, instead they say we cannot change anything and that it is the way it is !!

    And I find that really strange !! Sorry for the long post, appreciate any advices on such a problem 

    And if you have experience with other bases that  lasts longer than a month and still look natural on top ?


    Thank you!   

  • HD-Mary

    Re: Declining hair quality & empty units

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    Hi diana30,

    I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues in regards to shedding and density. I have looked in to your account so that I could view your order specifications to try to determine if there are requests being made that could be causing the issues you've been experiencing.

    I have responded to an email that you sent to your dedicated hair replacement consultant and further addressed the issues that you have experienced and the causes of the changes that you have seen with recent orders. 

    After reading the email please respond and let me know if there is anything further that I can address for you.

    Mary | Client Service Team Lead |

  • jbnonc

    Re: Declining hair quality & empty units

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    I am also having problems with hair quality. For 5+ years every system perfect.  Over the past 6 months, I have received 2systems that we’re unwearableble. It is not your imagination. Something has definitely changed.
  • 7131

    Re: Declining hair quality & empty units

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    SmileHi jbnonc

     I apologize that you are experiencing hair quality issues. 

    This is something that has been brought to our attention and we are looking into the issue. We are in constant contact with our production facility, to get the situation resolved. 

     We have been emailing in regards to this. Please respond to it so we can get it corrected for you. 

    If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email me.  


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