Newby Question: Blow Drying a System?

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  • kiinkiin

    Newby Question: Blow Drying a System?

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    My first top piece should arrive this week from HD (clip-on, daily wear, 16 inches, with long layers).  My question is:  I know it is best to let a system air dry; however, I like a full crown.  Is is BETTER to let it air dry and then flat iron/curl/style or can I just blow dry with a round brush to get the fullness? IMO, they would seem to be about equal as far as damage???
  • HD-Ellen

    Re: Newby Question: Blow Drying a System?

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    Hello Kiinkiin,

    Thank you for your post.  

    It is best to let the hair air dry first but you also can use the hair dry to get most of the moisture out then follow with the round brush. What you don't really want to do is us a round brush to dry the hair complete after it's been washed as this can cause stress and damage to the hair. Once the hair is completely dry you can then use styling tools to finish off the look. 

    If you have any further questions, or concerns, please don't heritage to give us a call. We are more than happy to assist you. 


    Thank you and have a wonderful day! 


    Ellen | Hair Replacement Consultant |

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