Santa endorsed (without compensation) hohoho

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    Santa endorsed (without compensation) hohoho

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    I am a professional Santa Claus with a traditional beard, not a real one. 
    I have been using the contour Supertape strips for the last 3 years now on my lace backed beard.
    Who needs a 4 week hold. I only need it for 1 or maybe 2 days at the most, but I feel comfortable in knowing this will hold beyond my 1 day bookings.

    I have not had to worry about shine, and this year will be trying the noshine tape,just to be sure,  confident that it has the same great holding power as the Supertape. 
    I've had the odd kid pull on my beard and my face moves with the pull as I see their eyes light up with the thought" he is real", especially when the pull is followed by an "ouch" from me. hohoho

    I only need the 2 sizes of contour to work with me beard and just the c contour works to hold the moustache in place. I have not had a sweat problem loosening the tape, and with lace remover, have not had a problem removing it from my face with very little clean-up, another bonus.

    Try it Santas. 
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