How much time does it take you to rebond?

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  • formslash

    How much time does it take you to rebond?

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    How much time does it take you to detach, clean, and rebond? 
    What's your attachment method/product(s)? 
    Length of attachment? 

    I'm still waiting for my next system so I can start doing a weekly tape attachment, possibly glue at the front. I pretty much gave up on my current piece since the template I made was a failure so I started using got2b hair gel to attach so I can just clean up with water. I remember hating cleaning up ORWG, and spending hours in the bathroom when I first got the system. The attachment itself would never last a week either, 4 days if I was lucky with major lifting by that point. The annoying mirror slides, solvent soak, cleaning up the solvent, scraping glue off the scalp, what a pain. I'm getting poly on the back and sides to attach with tape, and just using glue at the front although I'm not sure which brand of products to get yet. I was thinking Stick It tape, and Mity Tite at the front.

  • blondie12

    Re: How much time does it take you to rebond?

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    I have 14" hair system.  Takes me about 1 hour or so to detach, clean and re-attach.  If I have another system ready I can get 'er done in 30 minutes or so.  I use Supertape on both sides and the back and a tiny bit of Walker Ultrahold on the front hair line.  Clean up is easy for me since I do this once weekly.  I used to go a month between cleanings and clean up was hell because the tape had broken down and melted into my all lace base.

     The products I use for this procedure:  Dawn dishwashing liquid, 91% alcohol, Adjust-a-Bond, Supertape and Walker Ultrahold.  


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