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  • lou98

    new to the hair direct community

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    Big SmileBig SmileHi there, i thought i would say  Hi, it was my first time ordering with Hair Direct which went so easy with a skype call last thursday.

    I was amazed how easy it was and how friendy and helpfull the lady that placed my order was .  I have now untill the end of may to waite to get my new sytem i went with the HD22 Lace front . i have not tryed a lace before so im intrested to see how it will go . I started my journey under the hair last november where I joined The club  YES the club AT THE SALON WICH I HAVE ANOTHER , six months before i get out of it alothough its been good as i had to learn all about  the process as i  am a first time beautiful hair guy now.  I leave in the uk and its not possable to get  any thing like what i orderd in the uk or i have not been able to find it. any way  my qouestion  is i want to book a trip away for my summer break but  woundered what happens when you you go through the scanners at the airport  would i have to take my attchment off .

    I have  found speaking about my hair to people that may need to now very intresting like ie the dentist, the doctor, medical people .

    they dont seem to care one bit lol . i dont tell any one unless they ask wich is never hey well its my hair right .  any one that can offer any answer to my qouestion would be great . thanks and nice to meet uou all lou 98  ps uk weather  cold which makes a good atchment 

  • hd-kirsti

    Re: new to the hair direct community

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    Hi Lou98.

    I am so happy to hear that you had such a good experience when you order with us!  We enjoy to hear that feedback!

    You should not have to take off your hair system when you travel through an airport. The only thing is if you have metal clips on your system that might set off the alarm (they would have been something that you had requested). We do not no this for 100 percent but it could happen due to the metal if you have them on your system. 

    It is so good to hear that you feel so great when your wearing your hair system that is always such a good feeling!

     Please let me know if you have any other questions!


    Take care,



    Kirsti | Hair Replacement Consultant |

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