Trade Embargo with China....

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  • larryrugged

    Trade Embargo with China....

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    Hello. I haven't been on line for awhile so forgive me if this issue has been discussed. Will trade embargos with China affect HD and its customers? Thanks. 

  • josh

    Re: Trade Embargo with China....

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    Hi larryrugged,

    Thank you for raising this question. At this point in time, there is nothing that is currently in place that should cause you any concern. We are business as usual! Rest assured, that should something occur in the future, we have a diverse supply chain that expands outside of China so we have options should there ever be a complete embargo.

    We have been keeping a close eye on what our current Administration has been proposing and these are related to tariffs and not an embargo. Tariffs would increase costs of importing into the US but it wouldn't be a total ban. From what we are seeing, the tariff proposal would be targeting areas such as aerospace, machinery, IT, and communication which wouldn't affect us at all however the exact list of good are not due out until next month. We will be sure to keep all of our customers in the loop should any of our services be affected.

    Best Regards,


    Josh Ward | Director of Client Services |

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