Original cut in haircut price?

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    Re: Original cut in haircut price?

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    Hi WayneK,
    At HairDirect, we believe in being advocates for our customers. We are passionate about what we do and committed to being there for you every step of the way. We care about all of our clients and have worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible for as long as possible.

    In fact, we’ve kept our prices exactly the same since 2011, despite making major internal changes and dealing with increased manufacturing costs. Although HairDirect has made numerous large-scale investments in our infrastructure, services, and software to improve our customers’ experience, we have not had a price increase in more than six years. Even though manufacturing costs also increased significantly during that time, we chose to absorb those costs and not pass them on to you, our customer.

    However, our new and improved technology, which allows us to provide you with exciting innovations in product design and serve your needs even better, now necessitates an increase. 
    I hope that helps to provide clarify.
    Thank you! 

    Mary | Client Service Team Lead | mary@hairdirect.com

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