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Tips for creating a realistic looking part?
Last reply by Beth1, Yesterday, 3:03 PM
10 662
Question for wtrmlnis
Posted by mvflowergirl, 10-29-2014 2:28 PM
- 45
Hair tips.
Last reply by HD-Maggie, 10-28-2014 12:43 PM
1 93
Attaching with Bangs
Last reply by LAD, 10-28-2014 9:32 AM
8 657
Hair gets puffy
Last reply by HD-Krystle, 10-21-2014 2:57 PM
1 169

HD Feedback »

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NS-Pro 8000PX No Shine B Contour
Last reply by HD-Lauren, 10-30-2014 12:18 PM
1 59
Sick of the excuses from Hair Direct
Last reply by HD-josh, 10-22-2014 8:16 AM
1 287
No two systems are ever the same
Last reply by Castaway, 10-21-2014 1:34 PM
9 281
Shipping times
Last reply by HD-Tonya, 10-16-2014 2:15 PM
2 232
Was sent the wrong hair system now what????
Last reply by dio4e, 10-15-2014 1:45 PM
3 500

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Top 4 Questions Salon and Club Converts Ask
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last time, I wrote about some common questions usually asked by people who have never worn a hair system. But, what if you’ve been wearing hair and just haven’t ever done it yourself because you’ve been working with a salon or club? Lots of people have…

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