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Listening, Learning, Making Changes

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 2:00 PM  |  by HD-Melissa

HD Skin Hair System

I'm writing this month's blog post from China. The goal of this trip is to set the expectations and goals for the upcoming year with our manufacturers. I learn more about the entire process with every visit and that, in turn, helps us to better understand how to continue improving order outcomes.

During this visit to our factories, we are excited to share some upcoming process changes, including digitizing your order specs. We anticipate that this will allow for more timely communication about orders and production workflow. We are also very focused on finding ways to cut down on delays.

Not repeating the past

I think it was Einstein that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We do this on a fairly ongoing basis by creating orders with specs that push manufacturing limits, and we need to reevaluate this practice along with our customers.

In some cases we have clients that have returned more orders than they have kept. This tells us we may need to take a closer look at the order specifications because obviously what we are asking the factory to produce isn't working for the customer.

If the issue is repeated from order to order, we need to start asking whether it is a manufacturing issue or if the order specs themselves are causing the issue. Not all order expectations can be met on a consistent basis (from a manufacturing standpoint), so we're hoping that those who are experiencing the same problems again and again will work with us on a solution, listen to our recommendations and give them a fair try.

Cutting down on delays

We always do our best to keep moving forward, and our goal is to correct past mistakes so you have a better experience. In addition to improving order outcomes, we are putting some new systems in place that we hope will make strides toward cutting down on delivery delays as well.

In addition, we are hoping to see fewer overall delays as a result of the Chinese New Year. We can't completely prevent one hundred percent of delayed orders (because there is a two-week period of time when the factories are completely closed), but we do hope to reduce delays by ordering customers on standing orders ahead of schedule. We will better understand the overall impact at the beginning of May, and will continue to plan ahead for next year.

We are already working very closely with the factory to improve next year's ordering schedule in anticipation of the holiday shut down. I can assure you that now that they are back in full production mode, they are working very hard to get your orders completed and shipped as soon as possible. In fact, our being here almost feels like an interruption to their work!

Here's wishing you all a very prosperous and Happy Lunar New Year!

About HD-Melissa

I’ve always been the creative sort and have only ever worked in the service industry. I’ve always loved working with the public. After being a stay at home mom I decided to get my cosmetology license because it was something I’ve wanted to do since high school. I worked in a salon until I saw an ad for Hair Direct and was intrigued. I worked here part time for the first week and then asked to be full time the second week. I just knew this was the place for me. Since joining the team I’ve been able to use both creative and problem solving skills. I’m excited to come into work every day and now that I’m strictly focused on production and manufacturing, I look forward to all of the positive changes we are working towards implementing.


mishman057 said:

Improvements need to be made in the way of consistency, timeliness, and pricing. Yes you mentioned two of these but price is also important. I have been a customer for over 10 years and when I became so frustrated with systems coming back constantly with the wrong length, the wrong wave, the wrong color, I went and found a company that does it all....and for half the price. Oh yes I've been told (by HD) that you didn't send them back and now you're complaining. Well I fixed them myself, as best as I could do. Why? Because I only have 2 systems, and if one comes back from HD for repairs and it is wrong, I only have the one I'm wearing which by then should go back for service, and so I can't send the one that is wrong back for another 6-8 weeks. Buy more you might say? NO I say. Do it right the first time I say. I should NOT have to buy more product just because you can't do it right. It is obvious that HD has gotten too big to care for their customers needs and requirements. It is nice that someone intends to address these issues. Probably however, because they are now losing customers who are frustrated and actually pissed off. Sending more units back than you keep? How ridiculous! Well here's the thing when you operate a business.....you should have addressed these issues a long time ago. The easiest thing to do in a service industry is to keep your customers satisfied. The hardest thing is to try to get them back once you have lost them.

ngbells said:

Over the past year I've noticed inconsistency in the quality of the systems I get sometimes even in the same order. Like the one I'm wearing now, the first time I applied it I noticed thin "bald" areas near where I cut in my bangs, then the hair started falling out like crazy even with gentle use and care. This happened another time and then the next system in the same box was totally fine and lasted for longer than expected with very little hair loss til the last week or so. I'm curious about the quality control being done in the factory in China. As the person above, I too hesitate to send back systems with problems as it then leaves me with only one system to work with. I've learned to style my hair so it's not so noticeable, but it is frustrating!

HD-Melissa said:

Dear both,

I apologize for missing these replies! We do understand that although we'd like to be every person's answer to hair replacement we know we don't meet everyone's expectations. It sounds like you've found a company that makes you happier than our repairs were able to make you Mishman057 and we do wish you well. ngbells, I do not see that you've contacted us to report any issues. Even if you decide you are unable to return something, please contact us to report the issue so we can reach out to our factory. I see you you are about to receive your most recent order. I do hope they meet your expectations. We have listened to our customers and will be doing final QC here before shipping in the very near future. We are hoping this will cut down on receiving incorrect orders. It will not cut down on delays in receiving if a major issue is found and will need to be returned to Asia for correction. There are however plenty of things we can do at our office to make adjustments.

Carmie said:

I am glad that changes are being made, like the persons above, I was a new customer, and after many months of mix ups, no hair delivery and wen it did finally arrive, the quality was extremely poor!

I was with HC and have to say the hair was good compared to what I got in that order.

I was more than disappointed as I had several events I had to miss because of the bad service.

The only good thing was is that I got a refund for my standing orders!

With that being said, I do love your products and will continue to buy and refer customers to you.

Maybe wen all is resolved, I may try again.

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