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How to Naturally Increase Density to Your Ideal Thickness When Your Hair is Really Thin

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 10:48 AM  |  by lauren@hairdirect.com

80 density compared to 40Last month I wrote a blog post about transitioning into wearing hair. One of the things I mentioned was the concept of gradually increasing density over time to create the appearance of regrowth, rather than having too much density right off the bat.

But how exactly do you do this?

In this post I'll give you a more specific example of how this can be done so that you can feel comfortable making these changes to your system as you begin wearing hair.

The Case Study

First, let's assume you're interested in wearing a top-of-head (partial) system. Your growing hair in that area has thinned to a density of about 40, but the hair on the back of your head is closer to an 80. Your ideal density for your system will match the 80 density on the sides and back, but will be a little bit lighter through the front and top. How can you make this transition without throwing up red flags?

More on density

Density can be ordered in increments of 10 (40, 50, 60, etc.). We often refer to them in "percentages" but it actually refers to the number of hairs per square centimeter in the unit. For example, a 70% density is actually 70 hairs per square centimeter.

The Recommendation

In this case, I would recommend starting at a conservative density of 50 all over. With each new system, I would suggest increasing the density just one step (from 50 to 60, 60 to 70, and so on) until you reach a density of 70. On the last version, keep the density at 70 on the front and top, but increase the sides and back to 80, to match your growing hair in that area. 

Now why do I recommend increasing density only in increments of 10, rather than 20? The simple answer: shedding. As you wear your system, shedding is part of the natural wear and tear of a system and something that can't be completely avoided. Although some people will experience it more than others, your system will undoubtedly have less hair when you retire it than when you received it.

So, let's say your system lost 10% of its density by the time you were ready for a new unit. If your next system was ordered with an increase of 10%, the new unit will actually be 20% thicker than what you were wearing. Now imagine it was ordered with an increase of 20%, this is actually a 30% increase from what you are retiring--and that will be really noticeable! 

The Conclusion

If you're comfortable telling people that you're wearing a system, by all means, take the plunge and go right for that thicker system you are looking for! But if you're not comfortable letting everyone in on your secret, this is a way to make things easier. The point of this is to replicate the appearance of regrowth, to make it look like your hair has begun growing thicker on its own. If your hair is gradually getting thicker over time, I highly anyone will doubt the fact that the hair isn't your own!

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