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The 3 Most Common Causes of Wrinkles in Your Hair System

Monday, January 20, 2014 9:34 AM  |  by HD-Susan

Wrinkles!Have you ever painstakingly attached your hair system only to reach around and find an annoying wrinkle along the edge of your bonding area? Yes, it's rather aggravating. Well, don't necessarily chalk it up to inexperience. Wrinkles can sometimes happen during the normal course of a bonded attachment and even experienced hair wearers can sometimes find a pesky wrinkle around the edges of their hair system. However, if you get a wrinkle or two and your hair system seems like it's just not fitting right, then it probably isn't. Besides the normal run-of-the-mill "whoops" type of wrinkle, which can usually be easily remedied, there are a few other causes that may need addressing if you want to get the best wrinkle-free fit for your hair system.

Poly Perimeter

Whereas some people love a poly perimeter (aka poly edge, PU edge, thin skin perimeter) for its quick cleanup capabilities and added durability, it can often be the cause of pesky wrinkles and an ill fit. Depending on the size of your unit and the shape and contour of your head, the stiffness of the poly perimeter can make it difficult to wrap around the curves of your head and still stay snugly fit. If you can imagine wrapping duct tape around a tennis ball, you would get the same effect-a bunch of little wrinkles along the edges of the tape.

Another downside to the stiffness of the poly is that many times it creates more of a gap than a wrinkle. This raised area that refuses to lie flat creates a space between your scalp and the hair system. That gap allows water, oil and sweat to move around more freely, ultimately resulting in quicker lifting. Not good.

If you're experiencing this issue with a poly perimeter on lace, try eliminating it from your next order. If you're wearing a monofilament base, you'll probably have to switch to a different base material like lace to avoid the poly.

Too Big

If your hair system was not sized properly to your head or the base was not cut to your specs and is too big, you will mostly certainly experience gaps and wrinkles. Units that are very oversized will result in huge wrinkles, aka folds. Folds and wrinkles caused by wrong sizing are annoying and uncomfortable. Essentially, the circumference of the unit needs to match the circumference of your bonding area or wrinkles and folds will be inevitable.

Check to see if you inadvertently made your template incorrectly or if your vendor didn't cut the base material correctly to your specs. Either way, you'll need to have the unit remade, live with the folds until you get a new unit, or do some major surgery on the base to correct the problem.


A common cause of wrinkles around the perimeter of the unit is stretching the base material, especially if you have a lace base.

Some people prefer to order their hair systems a wee bit too small and stretch them into place for a really snug fit. Others unknowingly stretch the lace when attaching the unit to their head. That's fine, however, over time the knitted polyester base can stretch permanently, leaving you with a unit that's too big. In which case, see above.

A minor amount of stretching will not cause a problem, but if your unit comes in a little small and you repeatedly stretch it, you may end up with the opposite problem-a unit that's too big.

In addition, if you are using tape on lace, be sure not to stretch the tape too much when you apply it to the lace. It's okay if you bend the tape a little bit to get around a tight curve, but too much stretch will cause the lace to shrink back and wrinkle.

How to get rid of a wrinkle from a properly fitted hair system

If you act quickly, you can usually get rid of a common wrinkle that occurs along the perimeter edge of your hair system, in the adhesive area, during the natural course of attachment. Immediately after attaching your hair system, feel around the edges for a wrinkle. If you find one, simply use your fingernail to gently lift the edge of the hair system, then spray a little ProTouch Adjust A-Bond or 99% alcohol under the edge. Wait a few seconds then lift the wrinkled area a LITTLE bit more, just enough to release the wrinkle. Using both hands, flatten out the previously wrinkled spot from the outside (hair side) of the base and then press it back down. Hold for a few seconds until the alcohol evaporates and the adhesive begins to stick again.

If it's a small wrinkle, this usually works. However, if you have a larger wrinkle, or you wait too long after bonding to fix it, you might not be so successful. Also, this really only works for wrinkles around the perimeter edge of a unit that normally fits properly and does not have size or contour issues.

Tip: If you have long hair and clip your hair up during bonding, check for wrinkles before you let your hair down. It's easier to fix a wrinkle while the hair is still up and out of the way.

Now that I think about it, I've yet to find a good use for another kind of wrinkle. I wonder if Adjust A-Bond will get rid of crow's feet?

About HD-Susan

Integration units, clip-ons, bonded systems—even hair transplants—I‘ve been there and done that! After mastering bonded hair replacement, I started a consultation business and created a training system that educates women on how to transition into wearing bonded hair faster, with greater success, and less emotional fatigue. I posted in the HD forum for over 4 years as a client, and eventually joined the staff at Hair Direct as a content developer in 2012. My role focuses primarily on creating educational and instructional materials that can help you learn faster and make more strategic decisions so you can have a great experience wearing hair. It’s not just about looking good in your hair, it’s about feeling good under it too.


larrychd said:

Thank you Susan for your helpful tips.  Maybe you can give me some advice about a recurring problem I have with my systems.  I'm a daily wearer and my system is HD32 Hollywood Lace with Sewing Lines.  All of my systems come with what I will call 'ripples' at the hairline.  I have used 3 molds and different densities but the systems still have the ripples.  Sometimes the tape can smooth them out but I still can't get a totally clean hairline.  Sometimes the ripples are so strong the tape does not keep them down enough and I am forced to comb my hair in a forward direction and down in the front to cover the hairline, which is not a flattering look for me.   I get 2 systems every 2 months.  I'm working with it for now but it is irritating.   Would appreciate any advice.

Larry Cianciotto


HD-Susan said:

Hi Larry!

So sorry you are having this issue. I did speak with your hair tech Christie and she is going to reach out to you as she was under the impression this issue was resolved. We will also put your systems on tech review so we can see them and see if we can assess what the problem is. Thanks for your patience and for letting us know there is still a problem. :)

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