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You Can Count On Us

Monday, December 09, 2013 11:30 PM  |  by HD-Craig

Meet Craig, our CFOHi, my name is Craig Robinson and I've been with Hair Direct since June of 2012. As Chief Financial Officer, I work closely with both the fulfillment and accounting teams.

Although these two functions might seem like they don't have a direct impact on your customer experience, they absolutely do make a difference. And, in both cases, it's safe to say that if you're not aware of us we're probably doing a good job. At least that's the case with accounting. Nobody really wants to talk to the accounting people anyway. I should know. I'm an accountant.

Being somewhat behind the scenes doesn't mean that either fulfillment or accounting is not aware of how they can delight each and every customer. We believe customer care trumps everything. We realize we're not perfect, but customer care is always our focus.

Shipping out

Everyone in the fulfillment department is not only an employee of Hair Direct, they're a member of a team. Perhaps most importantly, they're customers of many types of businesses in their personal lives too. Because of that, their own experiences and expectation of great customer service guides everything they do to ensure that each and every shipment is packed with TLC, addressed correctly, and ships when it's supposed to.

You deserve to receive what you've ordered, when you expect to receive it, and in great condition. Although we don't control every aspect of the shipping process, we take accountability and realize you aren't really interested in excuses. Likewise, we're not interested in having to make excuses, so we do all we can to control the process and meet our commitment to you.

Measuring up

When you think of "accounting" you typically think of the nerdy bean counters in the back room with those green eyeshades. Don't you? Or maybe that's before your time. At Hair Direct, the accounting team is much more than that! In fact, we look at ourselves as an extension of the customer service team.

Accounting processes tens of thousands of credit card transactions each year. Trust me when I say we get it! "It" of course, is that we're dealing with your money and we need to be accurate. On the rare occasion that accounting needs to communicate with you directly, we strive to go out of our way to resolve each issue in a way that completely satisfies you. If we're not measuring up, give us a call and let us know so we can make things right.

Looking good

So there's the specific accounting interaction with you, the customer. In addition, there's a completely different and very important role we play.

The accounting team exists in large part to ensure that Hair Direct is financially sound so we can support you and exceed your expectations far into the future. We can't do this based on our good looks (speaking for myself, of course) or by being nice people. A company has to make money to stay alive so it can continue to grow and innovate to best serve its customers. It's the accounting team's job to make sure we're here today, tomorrow and many more years to come.

By ensuring that we're financially healthy, we can have the right people, the right technology and the right products in the right place at the right time to hopefully exceed your expectations. Right? Right. That may sound a little corny but it's absolutely true. Without being financially sustainable we can't hope to deliver on our promises.

The bottom line is: we're here to serve you, and we're proud to do whatever it takes to give you the best experience we can. You can count on us.


Deb W said:


tompod said:

My two pieces are several weeks overdue. I am partially responsible because I sent an altered mold back a week late . Still, I should have by now received my new pieces. Mary is my counselor, I talked to her when she received the molds I returned to her.  Status, please. Thomas O'Donnell tompod1818@gmail.com.  6187863863

CassandraToday said:

Does "ensuring that we're financially healthy" mean that prices will be going up?

HD-Craig said:

Hi Cassandra Today

Being financially healthy should not be construed as meaning that prices are going up. What it really means is that it’s my job (and the accounting team’s job) to insure that we’re here to serve our customers this year, next year, ten years from now and well beyond. In order to do that we need to make sure we’ve got the financial resources to continue to provide the best systems and people to support you.

Hope that helps allay your concerns. “


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